Destination…Wedding Cakes

Start with your inspiration or vision. Add the artistic and culinary talents of Felicity Milne. Combine. The result: a beautiful cake that is uniquely your own.

felicity milne felicitations cakesFelicity Milne has been involved in creating gourmet food for 35 years. Enjoying a passion for both traveling and cooking, she combined the two after beginning her culinary career at the Cordon Bleu Cooking School in South Africa, her country of origin. Her travels and talent took her from New York State across the country to San Francisco, Tahoe, Hawaii, England and finally settling in the San Juan Islands, the beautiful island community she calls home.

Her baking resume spans 15 years from 1998 when she opened and operated Felicitations Bakery in Friday Harbor where the community was treated to everything from bread, pastries, soups to cakes. After closing the bakery in 2003, she worked as a pastry chef in high-end hotels and resorts. Felicity opened Cakes by Felicitations in 2008 with a focus on beautiful wedding and special occasion cakes. Desserts, pastries and cookies are also available upon request. Whatever your baking needs are, Felicity is happy to provide it.